Ketorade Electrolyte Drink Recipes – The Complete Review

Usually, as you start taking a keto diet, you are bound to experience the keto flue monster. The keto flu is caused by the body, making a transition from burning sugar to fat for your energy needs. So it is not the flu, but it can make that change of meal plan very unpleasant. Even better, a sugar-free electrolyte drink makes for a simple, tasty, and completely natural remedy to fight this flu. This simple fix will relieve the discomfort in 15 minutes. 

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What is the best electrolytes for keto?  

An electrolyte is a substance that carries an electronic charge, which is essential minerals found in your blood, sweat, and urine. They are involved in many essential processes in the body, including conducting nerve impulses. As a result, your body needs an adequate amount of electrolyte. The primary source of electrolyte in your body is your diet. The meal you consume should provide your body with enough electrolytes to keep it functioning as it should.

Electrolytes found in your body include Bicarbonate, sodium, Phospate, Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride, and Calcium. These electrolytes are essential. They help the body perform several processes, including proper nerve and muscle function, regulating pH by maintaining acid-base balance and keeping the body’s internal environment optimal through hydration.

Keto-friendly Electrolytes

Na+ sodium

Sodium is one of the body’s electrolytes that the body needs in large amounts. A majority of the sodium found in the body is in the blood and fluid around the cells. It helps the body maintain normal nerve and muscle functioning. The body obtains sodium from meals and beverages but loses it in sweat and urine.

K+ potassium

Potassium dissolved in body fluids carries an electronic charge that critical to the proper function of the body functions. It is located inside the cells and necessary for the normal function of cells, nerves, and muscles.

Cl- chlorine

Chlorine is an essential component for all secretion and excretion in the body. A primary source of chlorine is common table salt, which also provides sodium. It is stored for a limited extent in the skin.

Ca2+ calcium

Although most calcium in the body remains unchanged, it is still critical to body processes. The bones store about 99% of the calcium found in the body. Other cells, including muscle cells, and blood also contain calcium. It is essential for the formation of bone and teeth, muscle contraction, blood clotting, and more.

Mg2+ magnesium

A majority of magnesium remains uncharged, but it still is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Magnesium is bound to protein, and about half of the body’s supply is stored in bones. It is essential for the formation of bones and teeth, and normal nerve and muscle functioning.

Why do you need them?

Electrolytes, sodium, in particular, helps the body to maintain normal fluid levels. When the concentration of electrolytes is high, fluid moves into compartments and out when concentration is low—as such, having the right concentration of electrolytes is critical to maintaining fluid balance.

Homemade ketorade electrolyte drink recipes

A simple homemade ketorade electrolyte drink recipe to keep you from feeling crampy in a keto diet.

Chris Vrooman’s ketorade recipe

First off, here’s a simple recipe and one of the popular on Reddit for making a homemade ketorade electrolyte drink with credits to Chris Vrooman. This recipe should give you around four cups of ketorade, which you should take throughout the day.


  • One tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 tablespoon potassium citrate powder, or “no salt.”
  • 1/4 tablespoon pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1 to 2 squirts liquid stevia extract
  • One lemon
  • A pinch of ginger
  • Mint leaves for garnish


  • Place potassium powder, apple cider vinegar, and stevia extract into one liter or 32 oz container.
  • Add pink salt and ginger.
  • Squeeze half the lemon into the mixture
  • Add three cups of water.
  • With a spoon, mix ingredients until they are completely dissolved
  • Drop the remaining half lemon slice and ice to the brim.
  • Decorate your drink with Mint Leaves to complete.

Tip: This drink is best served with stevia extract without additional sweeteners. However, if you are looking to get a stronger kick, then you should use stevias that come with erythritol.

Dr. Ken Berry ketorade recipe

Alternatively, you can opt for Dr. Ken Berry ketorade recipe that’s easy to make and provides a refreshing source of electrolytes throughout the day.


  • Your preferred sugar substitute water flavoring
  • One to two servings lite salt with 50% potassium and 50% sodium
  • One to two servings tsp regular salt (the ideal sodium to potassium ratio is 1:4)
  • One to two cups of water


  • Mix lite salt and the regular salt into the water in a one-liter container
  • Use 1/2 to one serving of flavor to make the drink taste and look just like ketorade without the carbs.

Tip: You can also mix some Himalayan or sea salt into the mixture for added minerals if you need them.

Other keto-friendly electrolytes ketorade recipes

You can also use this simple homemade recipe to make a ketorade electrolyte drink fast. You’ll need:

  • 1/4 tsp Morton’s lite salt
  • 1/4 Pink salt
  • A couple of squirts of Electrolyte MiO
  • 32 Oz of cold, filtered water


Place all the ingredients in a container (preferably one-liter container) and mix until they completely dissolve. The drink is no ready for you to take throughout the day, not at once.

Final thoughts

If you are starting a keto diet, you are bound to get a leg cramp. That signals that you are not getting enough electrolytes into your body. The reason is that the body releases more water than it stores when you start keto. The result is the dreaded keto flu. However, you should not worry for a homemade ketorade electrolyte drink should provide you with the right boost. The drink has Sodium and Potassium, which are both highly-essential electrolytes, and other healthy ingredients. If you are feeling unpleasant when in keto, you should drink this down to feel refreshed.

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    David Estrada

    I used to experience leg cramps because my body needs more electrolytes. Ever since I have tried ketorade, I felt a significant improvement because the cramps are no longer there. They do not interfere with my daily activities anymore and I feel more energetic than before. Aside from that, I had a keto flu once, I had to stay home and rest, but it didn’t last too long. Good thing I discovered this keto electrolyte recipe! I never have to go through that again!

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