What is MCT Oil Supplement? Benefits for a Keto Diet

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Medical review by Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D.   


If you’ve been keeping up with the fitness and wellness community, you might’ve heard of medium-chain triglyceride or MCT Oil. It contains fats that have a lot of health benefits in several areas of health and medicine. There are a total of four MCT types available, but the one commonly used is caprylic and capric acid.

Most MCT oil products are consumed as supplements that can be taken in the form of capsules and pills. MCT oil can also be derived from natural materials, particularly dairy products and coconut oil. Continue reading to know more about the benefits and side effects of taking this useful supplement.

Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT oil is one of the most popular food supplements right now, and its for good reasons. A user can take a lot of benefits just by incorporating the supplement with a healthy diet. Here are some of the best benefits of MCT Oil that are backed with Science and various studies.

Promotes weight loss in several ways

If you want to reduce the calories you consume, MCT oil can help you with that. According to this study, MCT-rich food such as the MCT oil can help in releasing leptin and peptide YY, which is responsible for feeling full. Overall, taking an MCT-rich supplement can reduce the food intake of the user.

Taking MCT-rich food and supplement also helps in creating ketones, which is essential to burn down body fats. The liver produces ketones and aids in making sugar to energy. This only happens when you’re in a low-carb diet where the fat is the primary source of energy and not carbs.

MCT Oil is frequently used as a source of healthy fat for people who are under a keto diet. With low carbs and high-fat content, it’s ideally a supplement that will help you achieve or maintain ketosis. To get the best result, get the best mct oil for ketosis with pure caprylic acid, which can be converted as energy quickly.

Instant source of energy

According to WebMD, MCT oil helps a lot in giving extra energy for exercise, whether you’re in a keto diet or not. With that, MCT oil is an excellent source of energy if you need a quick boost. It is also a great aid in taking in fat or nutrients.

Besides, the potential of MCT being used to boost muscle strength is being studied by a lot of professionals. There is some evidence that shows how it can boost the strength of the weak and older adults. It helps when you’re trying to build stronger muscles by exercising.

Best MCT oil for keto is also сan be used to fuel your brain

Just like muscles and other tissues, the brain needs an energy source to function correctly. It uses glucose and oxygen to function, which enables you to do all sorts of stuff. Glucose is usually derived from the carbohydrates that we eat every day. What about the people who are taking a low-carb diet to lose weight?

Although the brain cannot use fats for fuel, it can use ketones for energy. That’s why taking the keto diet can help in concentration and critical thinking. Ketones can even provide up to 70% if the energy needed by the brain to function. Take note: for this to happen, glucose is still required. A small number of carbs or protein can make it possible.

Reduce lactate buildup

MCT oil is not only popular with people who are on a keto diet and under an exercise program. It is also popular with athletes all around the world. This is because it can help in reducing the lactate levels during exercise and performance.

Lactate buildup happens when the muscles lack enough oxygen to break down glucose. When the lactate is very high, it can cause heart failure, sepsis, and shock due to the lower flow of oxygen and blood. It is proven that at least 1.5 teaspoons of MCT can lower the level of lactate during exercises.

Help use fat for energy

One of the ways that MCT oil promotes weight loss is due to its increase in the ketones supply. With added energy, MCT oil makes it easier to exercise more, and therefore, burn more fat. Therefore, you can get rid of stored fats and build your muscles faster.

An important thing to note is the use of emulsified MCT for burning fat or for a keto diet. Avoid these at all costs, as you’re only getting half the amount you’ll get from pure MCT oil. Caprylic acid or C8 is so far one of the most effective MCT being used right now.

May help manage Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and autism

Ketones are not only important for those who are under a keto diet. It also reduces the chances of epileptic seizures for epilepsy patients. Usually, this effect is achieved by fasting, as it increases the ketone production produced by the liver. MCT oil can be used to manage the condition because, as mentioned before, it can be converted to ketones. Capric acid is the type of MCT that did the best in this portion.

MCT oil is also good for managing Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study by several faculties of the University of London, ketones strengthen brain cells and makes helps them survive better. It also prevents the memory loss receptor from causing memory loss. Capric acid is also the better choice of MCL when it comes to usage for Alzheimer’s. Its effect has been proven for cases with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s. People who have a specific type of gene called APOE e4-negative is reported to have more improvement.

A keto diet is meant to improve the condition of people with autism. And since MCT oil is overall an excellent supplement for keto, it can also positively affect keto medications for autism. Before including keto diet and MCT oil to the patient’s diet, seek help from a professional.

Fatty acids that fight yeast and bacterial growth

Most MCT oil sources are from the oil made from coconut flesh. Coconut oil that contains natural MCT oil is known to fight yeast infection. It is one of the most effective and fastest-growing home remedies that tackle yeast infection and other bacterial growth. Coconut oil is often used as a topical for a lot of purposes.

Using coconut oil for yeast infection should be used only if you don’t have any allergies to coconut. Make sure that the infection is not a recurring one, as it might need serious medication. Only use coconut oil if you’re not under different yeast infection medication.

May reduce risk factors for heart

Problems in weight management usually cause more complications, such as movement difficulties and more. One of the deadliest complications from obesity is high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. These are not good for the heart and its functions. MCT oil, which promotes weight loss and burning of fats for energy, can help in this problem.

By aiding the burning of fat in the body, you can say “bye-bye” to nasty effects such as diabetes, stroke, and more. MCT oil with a decent amount of Flaxseed oil and phytosterols can reduce cholesterol by 12.5%. The addition of LDL also reduces bad cholesterol in the budget.

Help control blood sugar levels

Good news for diabetes two patients, you can now reduce the fat stored in the body. There was even a study that states MCT oil can help in managing diabetes by managing weight. Taking sugar intake to normalize insulin is also reduced by 30%. This test has been conducted to people wit type 2 diabetes.

MCT is also known to improve the cases of a rare disease called Waldmann diseases. It is a rare disease, and only less than 200,000 people in the US are affected. Sugar levels will also be reduced by reducing weight, which MCT already promotes. Besides, MCT can also improve the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

MCT Oil Side Effects

1. Stomach Discomfort

Having stomach discomfort is one of the most common side effects of using MCT oil and related products. MCT oil is usually known for being safe for consumption. However, when taken in high dosage, it can cause diarrhea and stomach ache. One of the ways to reduce this side effect is to mix MCT oil with food.

2. Possible Liver Problems

MCT usage is not recommended for people with problems in the liver. This is because the liver is the primary processor of MCTs. When exposed to high dosage, fat can build up in the liver. It can make existing liver complications more severe or develop one.

3. Possible Problems For Diabetic Patients

The body requires insulin for several processes to make sure that all is running entirely well. When the body produces ketones, it just means that it needs more insulin. This is already a hard task for people with diabetes who have problems providing their insulin supply. MCT supplements and the keto diet, in general, are not suggested for diabetic patients.

4. Vomiting, Cramping, and Bloating

Due to how the body processes MCT oil, it can cause side effects that can make you uncomfortable. These side effects include vomiting, bloating, and cramping. It is caused by our body metabolizing the MCT content. People usually react differently when saturated fat is consumed. These symptoms are generally more tolerable if you take it with food.

5. Allergic Reactions

A lot of people are allergic to coconuts and products related to it. People with an allergic reaction to coconuts will usually develop rashes, itching, tightness in the chest or throat, and trouble breathing. If one or more of these signs manifested after taking MCT oil, call your doctor immediately.

6. Heart Palpitations

When a high dosage of MCT oil is consumed, the occurrence of heart palpitation is possible. This is because you’re suddenly getting fat in your body. It is comparable to the moment when you eat fatty food. That’s why it is recommended that only a small amount of dosage is to be given when consuming MCT oil products.

10 Best MCT Oil For Ketosis

  1. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil
  2. MiCkey T Eight MCT Oil
  3. Nuton Ultra Premium MCT Oil
  4. Zenwise Health Natural MCT Oil
  5. Quest Nutrition MCT Oil Powder
  6. LevelUp Clean MCT Oil
  7. Viva Naturals USDA Organic MCT Oil
  8. Left Coast Performance Premium Coconut MCT Oil
  9. SportResearch Unflavored MCT Oil
  10. Nature’s Way Plant-Based 100% Potency MCT Oil
  11. Island Fresh Organic MCT Oil
  12. Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder
  13. Onnit MCT Oil
  14. Rapid Fire MCT Oil

Best MCT Oil at capsules

  1. Kiss My Keto MCT Softgels
  2. Now Foods MCT Oil Softgels
  3. Natures Way Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


When consumed in an acceptable amount, MCT oil can provide beneficial effects. This is especially true for people who are taking a low-carb diet to improve weight management. It is also an excellent way to boost your brain to perform better. However, when taken in unrecommended high dosages, MCT oil can bring some harmful side effects such as stomach aches and liver problems. MCT oil is meant to be taken in small doses to be able to reap its numerous benefits. Consult your doctor before adding the product to your diet.

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