Top 6 Best Keto Pre-Workout Supplements

best keto pre workout

You have started the ketogenic diet since you want to enjoy some of its fantastic health benefits, such as enhanced cognitive function, fat loss, and better skin. Maybe you have even experienced some keto diet effects, such as a keto-flu during the initial stages, your body has finally adapted, and it is currently running smoothly on the ketone bodies. And since you are now feeling better, you are ready for the next workout.

This presents you with the next challenge in your keto diet journey. How will you fuel or enhance your upcoming workout? Foods like a sandwich, banana, or protein shake were your favorite during the carb days.

But currently, these are things that you cannot consume anymore. While you are on the ketogenic diet, you are significantly reducing the intake of carb and utilizing healthy fats. If you consume plenty of fats before your workout, they will not instantly provide you with the energy you need, since they take longer to digest.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to boost your workouts. However, not all of them prove to be friendly to those who are looking to stay in the ketosis state.

What Should I Eat Before Workouts on the Keto Diet?

Your body will need some time to adjust to the new ketogenic-friendly pre-workout routine. However, in a way, it makes the process simple. You will not have to worry about the number of carbs that your body needs before you visit the gym since proteins and fats are the only choices available for you. Feel free to try out some keto-friendly pre-workout supplements in the list below and see if you can find one that will work best for you.

Fasted Workouts

When it comes to fasted workouts, the first option that you have isn’t to consume anything at all. This means that you will have to exercise in the fasted state. Fasting is all about having insulin in your body as opposed to eating or having food in the stomach.

When you eat, insulin helps to transport energy from the body to the cells so that you can utilize it when the need arises. When the transportation of fuel is complete, typically between three and six hours after having your meal, you are believed to be in the fasted state.

There are various benefits that come with working out in the fasted state. The most significant one is that your body will burn more fats. Also, some studies have shown that fasted workouts enhance human growth hormone levels. This can help your body to recover faster from the workout.

Despite offering numerous benefits, it also has a few drawbacks. You might not be in the position to reach peak intensity levels. With this in mind, fasted workouts are perfect for individuals going for a swim, a jog, or low-medium intensity yoga sessions.

Keto-Friendly Pre-Workout Snacks

The ketogenic diet is perfect for fat loss. And by cutting the intake of carbs, you force the body to use fats for fuel. However, while that is excellent news for losing fats from the body, it can lead to problems, especially when you are a passionate exerciser. Under normal circumstances, the body uses glucose for energy.

And without carbs in your meals, glucose is not available, and that means that your body may not have enough energy. If you find yourself in such a situation, then turning to the following pre-workout snacks will help boost your energy.

Fat Bombs

Fat Bombs are perfect for individuals on a keto diet. This is because they help boost energy and do not overload the digestive system. Fat bombs are made from cashew butter, almond butter, carb-free sweeteners such as stevia, raw cocoa powder, and coconut oil.

Additionally, they may have specific seeds and nuts, depending on what you need when it comes to taste preferences. They are available in stores if you want to purchase, but you can also make your own fat bombs at home. There are lots of recipes online and books that can help you make high-quality fat bombs. They are suitable before any sort of exercise.

Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are other keto-friendly snacks that you can consume before workouts. They contain high amounts of protein, but they are low in carbohydrates. The minimum amount of carbohydrates can be suitable before high-intensity workout sessions to provide your body with an extra boost. It is advisable to check out for sugar levels when you are about to purchase them from the store. You should pick unsweetened and plain types.

Perfect Keto Pre-Workout Bars

Perfect keto pre-workout bars are available in various flavors, such as salted caramel, almond butter brownie, and chocolate-chip cookie dough. Most individuals find it difficult to accept that these pre-workout snacks are keto-friendly. Primarily, they have less than three grams of carbs, and they have zero sugars, soy, dairy, and gluten.

Also, they have 19 grams of fats from ketogenic-friendly sources, such as cacao butter, almond butter, and coconut oil. Collagen protein that is extracted from grass-fed cows is one of the ingredients that make perfect keto pre-workout bars suitable for individuals on a keto diet.

The protein aid in burning fat, vibrant skin, and building muscles. Excellent ketogenic bars are ideal before workouts, and you can also carry them when you are traveling to places where access to other ketogenic-friendly snacks is limited.

Keto-Friendly Pre-Workout Supplements

For you to stay in shape, gain muscle, or lose weight, you will need to exercise each day. This can involve playing sports, going to the gym, jog, or run. But the keto diet is another popular option for a healthy living and weight loss.

One of the perfect ways to enhance and fuel your workouts is by investing in the keto pre-workouts. Currently, a number of options are available for ketogenic diets. Keto pre-workout supplements will boost your fitness routine. With a significant number of keto-friendly pre-workout products available out there, it can be challenging to select your perfect match.

If you are looking for the best ketogenic-friendly pre-workout supplements, no need to worry since the following section has got you covered. You will find useful information about the top six keto-friendly pre-workout supplements. Select your favorite and take your workout sessions to another level.

1. Perfect Keto Perform

If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement that offers zero sugar and zero carbs, then Perfect Keto Perform should be an excellent option for you. The product is from Perfect Keto, one of the most reputable brands in the world.

This supplement was designed not only to fuel workouts but also to enhance ketone levels in the body. Additional ingredients include creatine, beta-alanine, L-citrulline, MCT, BCAA, and green tea caffeine. The product has a delicious lemony taste. Here are the key features, pros, and cons.

Key Features
  • Available in single flavor
  • Each container has 15 servings
  • 100% cash-back guarantee.
  • Carb and sugar-free
  • Contains creatine
  • Proven ingredients
  • Keto-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Refreshing taste
  • Enhance the fat burning process
  • The product is single-flavored
  • The Caffeine ingredient can be problematic to some individuals
  • Exogenous and MCT ketones can lead to stomach upsets

2. Kinobody Octane

A calorie and sugar-free pre-workout supplement, Kinobody Octane, is perfect for individuals on the keto diet. It is designed to boost your energy and enhance the recovery process by replacing electrolytes that you have lost through sweat. Kinobody Octane is available in 6 flavors and contains three unique ingredients that help to maximize your workout performance.

The best thing about Kinobody Octane is that it is more of a pre-workout. It is also a sports drink. When you consume it before your workout, it will undoubtedly boost your endurance and strength. Additionally, the availability of electrolytes means that the workout performance will not drop off as your body sweats.

Key Features
  • Enhance strength gains
  • Minimizes the effects of metabolic stress
  • Boosts endurance and stamina
  • Enhances mental concentration and focus
  • With three different ingredient blends, it enhances the workout performance in multiple ways
  • Easy to use
  • Fast-acting
  • Carb, calorie and sugar-free
  • Proven, high-quality and natural ingredients
  • Enhance both physical and mental performance in multiple ways
  • Contains six great flavors, including orange, watermelon, grape, strawberry margarita, Kino Colada, and lemonade
  • Doesn’t have keto-active components such as exogenous ketones or MCTs which means that it will not boost ketosis
  • It only has 21 servings in each container
  • High levels of caffeine can leave some individuals unable to sleep

3. Sheer Strength Keto Pre-Workout

Designed for exercisers looking for high-performance supplements, Sheer Strength contains ingredients that are perfect for ketogenic dieters. It enables them to achieve maximum workouts within respective training sessions. Sheer Strength contains various components, which include minerals, L-Citrulline, electrolytes, and no carbs. Many users say that they notice results just after taking it for the first time.

Key Features
  • Only available in one flavor
  • Each container has 20 servings
  • Has BHB keto salts for body energy
  • Enhances circulation for more endurance and energy
  • Contains natural flavors, colors, and sugar/carb-free, sweeteners
  • Easy to use
  • Carb and sugar-free so it will not disrupt ketosis
  • Ideal for use before and during exercises
  • 60-day cash-back guarantee
  • Some users don’t love the taste
  • BHB salts can result in temporary stomach problems especially for sensitive individuals
  • High levels of caffeine can leave some individuals unable to sleep or agitated.
  • Only available in one flavor

4. BPI Pre-Workout Supplement

This supplement is primarily designed for individuals on the keto diet. You can also consume the supplement when you need additional energy. The BPI pre-workout supplement contains MCTs as well as BHB salts. These components not only help your body to burn fat but also sustain your energy levels. It has seven grams of BHB salts and available in different flavors, including Apple Pear, Watermelon Ice, Blue Lemon Ice, and Tropical Freeze.

Key Features
  • Enhances endurance for longer
  • It contains high levels of caffeine per servings that increase energy and boost mental performance.
  • Provides medium-chain triglycerides that help to boost natural ketone production
  • Has BHB exogenous ketones for fat burning
  • Encourages fat loss via deeper ketosis
  • Proven, quality energy-enhancing ingredients
  • Keto-friendly
  • Carbs and sugar-free
  • Blends with water and it is easy to use
  • A high amount of caffeine provide you with more energy even if you feel tired
  • The high levels of caffeine can leave some individuals anxious, jittery or even unable to sleep
  • Exogenous ketones and MCTs can result in stomach upsets in some exercisers
  • It contains milk components, which means that it’s not ideal for individuals with lactose intolerance.
  • Not gluten-free
  • Has artificial flavors and colors

5. Cellucor C4

Cellucor C4 is a carb and sugar-free pre-workout supplement that boosts energy for ketogenic dieters. The supplement contains different proven ingredients that are designed to enhance both physical and mental performance. It doesn’t have staple ketogenic ingredients like MCTs or ketones, but it is still suitable for keto dieters.

Cellucor C4 boosts energy, gives extra endurance, and increases mental performance. It comes with different flavors, such as Orange, Mango, Cherry Limeade, Sour Batch, Strawberry Watermelon, and Icy Blue Razz.

Key Features
  • 1.5 grams of creatine nitrate
  • Each container has 30 servings
  • 6 grams of citrulline malate
  • 30-day cash-back guarantee
  • Boosts mental focus and strength
  • Boosts blood circulation for great endurance
  • Calorie, sugar, and carb-free
  • Easy to use
  • Available in different flavors
  • Has artificial sweeteners like acesulfame potassium and sucralose.
  • Zero keto-specific ingredients like exogenous ketones or MCTs
  • High levels of caffeine can result in disrupted sleep if you use them at night

6. Onnit Shroom Tech Sport

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport is another unique pre-work supplement that provides you with lots of energy without any jitters or stomach upsets. It is an ideal option for individuals who are looking for options to minimize fatigue during a workout. Users say that they notice a significant improvement in performance just after taking this pre-workout supplement.

  • Available in a single flavor
  • Available in 84ct or 28ct
  • Proven results
  • Has zero jitters and plenty of energy
  • It is certified vegan and gluten-free
  • Works quickly just after taking it
  • Much information is not provided about its taste

Additional Supplements

When you are on a keto diet, it means that you are restricted from carb and sugars, and your body is only fuelled by ketone instead of glucose. Also, your kidneys might be flushing out lots of water and some vital minerals with it due to reduced levels of insulin in the body. With this in mind, the following list has some additional supplements that you can consider while on a keto diet. They include:

  • Kegenix Exogenous Ketones: Exogenous ketones or simply ketone supplements can help increase ketone bodies in the system to elevate the energy levels as well as cognitive function. They help the body to achieve and maintain the process of ketosis during workout sessions.
  • Electrolyte Supplements: When the kidneys flush out water during the keto diet, your system loses some vital minerals that you will need to replace. Electrolyte supplements that combine sodium, magnesium, and potassium will help you replenish the minerals that you have lost.

Final Thoughts on Keto-Friendly Pre-workouts

If you are new to the ketogenic diet or lifestyle, it might take some time for your body to adjust. So you should keep trying out different pre-workout supplements and snacks, or even the fasted state exercise. With time, you will find a keto-friendly pre-workout supplement or snacks that will work best for you.

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