Top 8 Best Keto Electrolyte Powders | A Helpful Guide for 2020

best keto electrolyte powders

Electrolyte powders help replenish the body with electrolytes and minerals that you have lost. They are also essential for different bodily processes as well as vital for individuals who are practicing a ketogenic diet.

What Are Electrolytes and What Do They Do?

These are essential minerals that carry either negative or positive charges. They are found in the blood, urine, sweat, and are vital for specific processes within the human body. Electrolytes help the body to function properly. According to a reputable source, these are some functions of electrolytes in your body:

  • Help build new tissue
  • Help blood to clot
  • Help transport nerve signals from the heart, nerve, and muscle cells among others
  • Enable muscle contractions which include the beating of the heart
  • Keep the PH of the blood in the required range, which is between 7.35 and 7.45.
  • Help regulate fluid levels in the blood plasma as well as the body.

Currently, there are several ways of getting electrolytes in a normal diet. One of them is eating things such as lettuce, sardines, spinach, kale, hemp, chia seeds, beans, almonds, milk, avocados, yogurt, and mushrooms.

Additional foods include potatoes with skin, oranges, tomato juices, bananas, and berries. If you are regularly working out or on the ketogenic diet, it is advisable to use a high-quality electrolyte supplement to help your body get enough amounts for proper functioning.

The levels of an electrolyte in your blood can either become too low or high resulting in imbalance. The levels can change due to various factors, including the water levels in the body. Vital electrolytes like Sodium and potassium are lost through sweat during exercise. You must replace them in order to maintain healthy levels.

In those who are on the ketogenic diet, electrolytes have proven to increase hydration, enhance faster recovery, create more energy, increase endurance, and boost focus.

The Main Electrolytes We Need

Whether you are on a keto diet or working out, there are some essential minerals that you need to ensure your body is getting the required nutrition. Below is a comprehensive list of the key electrolytes and some useful information about them.


Sodium is one of the essential electrolytes in the body. Its primary function is to maintain the extracellular fluid volume. Also, it is responsible for regulating the membrane potential of the cells. As part of the active transport, Sodium is exchangeable across the cell membranes along with potassium.

Various processes in your body, especially in the nervous system, muscles, and brain, need electrical signals for proper communication. The movement of this electrolyte is vital in the development of these signals.

It means that too little or too much sodium in the body can cause the cells to malfunction. If the level of sodium in your body is low, you will need to boost it; otherwise, you will experience muscle weakness and fatigue.


The excellent level of potassium in the body is vital for the normal functioning of the cells. When you lose this electrolyte, the kidneys produce excess potassium in an attempt to provide balance. Potassium has vital functions in the body, including the regulation of the heartbeat and the normal functioning of the muscles.

Any decrease or increase in the level of potassium can lead to irregular heartbeats, which can be fatal when extreme. Also, abnormal potassium levels can significantly affect the nervous system.


Calcium is involved in various health processes in the body: skeletal mineralization, secretion of hormones, blood clotting, and transportation of nerve impulse as well as contraction of muscles.

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body and makes up between 1% and 2%. 99% of calcium is stored in teeth and bones, with the remaining percentage stored in the muscle, blood, and other tissues.


Magnesium is primarily involved in proper neurological functioning, neurotransmitter release, ATP metabolism, and contraction and relaxation of the muscles. The electrolyte is responsible for over 300 biological reactions.

Along with calcium, the body needs magnesium for the excellent functioning of nerves and muscles. Balanced levels of magnesium are essential for the regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The body requires magnesium to manufacture energy.

Why Do We Need Electrolytes on the Keto Diet?

It is becoming widely accepted that ketogenic diets can be healthy and nutritionally complete. Things like nuts, vegetables, eggs, fish, and meat are rich in all essential nutrients that the body needs daily. However, in some cases, supplementing with electrolytes can prove to be beneficial.

This is because when the intake of carbohydrates is low, the level of electrolytes like sodium can easily get out of balance. If this occurs, your body may not feel at its best or perform optimally. Naturally, when you are on a keto diet, the body starts flushing some key electrolytes out of the system. For you to feel better, it is vital to replace them through supplementation.

Criteria Being Used to Compare Electrolyte Supplements

In order to be on the same level, it is important to compare different electrolyte supplements based on these criteria:

  • The cost of the product as well as the cost per saving
  • Ratings from users
  • Sweeteners used
  • Nutritional data including carbohydrates and calories
  • Ingredients like the types of mineral and amounts

The Electrolyte Brands Included in Our Comparison

Here are the main electrolyte brands included in the comparison;

  • Hi-Lyte Keto K1000
  • Keto Vitals
  • Genius Electrolyte Powder
  • Jacked Factory Hydrasurge
  • Pride Naturals Electrolyte Powder
  • Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder
  • Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder
  • Ultima Hydrating Electrolyte Powder

How These Electrolyte Supplements Stack Up

Here is an overview of each electrolyte supplement. When you go through the list, you will be in the position to know the advantages and disadvantages of each product and the reasons why some are excellent than others. Continue reading to learn more.

Keto Vitals

Keto Vitals is an electrolyte supplement that was designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of ketogenic and low carbohydrate lifestyles. Its benefits include elevated moods, deep sleep, healthy muscle function, and increased energy.

Keto Vitals is a perfect option for individuals living a ketogenic lifestyle. This product has high amounts of magnesium and sodium, but it does not offer more when it comes to phosphorous, chloride, and other vital minerals.

Keto Vital utilizes stevia as its natural sweetener, which is perfect for the keto diet. Additionally, it is better than aspartame or sucrose.

Hi-Lyte Keto K1000

Designed for strong hydration that enhances endurance, Hi-Lyte Keto K1000 supports a keto diet and helps eliminate cramps. It is one of the electrolyte supplements with the highest amount of potassium. Hi-Lyte Keto K1000 falls short in both phosphorous and sodium categories.

However, it has some extra minerals that help to enhance the ingredients. The product is unique as it has solid magnesium and potassium dosages. It utilizes Stevia as the natural sweetener. More importantly, it uses potassium citrate that has minimal chances of creating kidney stones.

Ultima Hydrating Electrolyte Powder

If you want an electrolyte powder with a great balance of minerals and electrolytes, then Ultima Hydration is an ideal option for you. This electrolyte provides complete hydration without any stomach upset, making your body to perform at its best.

It has albeit in low amounts and contains various key nutrients, including zinc. Considering that most individuals don’t get enough zinc from their daily diet, Ultima Hydrating comes with an added advantage. Similar to other top electrolytes, this product also uses Stevia as its natural sweetener.

Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder

Naturally sweetened with stevia, Key Nutrients Electrolyte minimizes the chances of getting carbohydrates or calories. This makes it a perfect option as your ketogenic electrolyte drink mix.

The product has a great balance of chloride, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Also, it comes with a reasonable amount of zinc. It has low amounts of sodium, magnesium, and potassium, but it is not too far off. Key Nutrients utilize stevia as natural sweetener.

Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder

With sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals available, Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte is one of the products that feature a complete electrolyte complex. These ingredients can boost your energy and endurance, making your body ready for the next workout.

There is no need to take a break since it improves nerve and muscle function and helps alleviate cramps. The product comes with high amounts of citrate, but it has low amounts of phosphorous, sodium, and chlorine. In terms of a natural sweetener, Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte uses stevia.

Jacked Factory Hydrasurge

Taurine and coconut water powder are the main components of Jacked Factory Hydrasurge. Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and essential minerals that are perfect for athletes and gym-goers. It contains sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

It has low amounts of magnesium, chloride, and potassium. Jacked Factory Hydrasurge is a unique electrolyte since it uses sucralose as its sweetener. However, this sweetener is not ideal since it is artificial. Stevia is better for a keto diet.

Pride Naturals Electrolyte Powder

The Pride Natural’s Electrolyte comes with all the ingredients, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and chlorine, as well as trace minerals. These ingredients help to boost your endurance as well as your energy.

Additionally, it has some extras, including zinc. If you are looking for a solid electrolyte that has average amounts of each mineral, Pride Naturals can be a perfect choice. In terms of a sweetener, it uses stevia, which is perfect for the ketogenic diet.

Genius Electrolyte Powder

If you want to restore and replenish your body, Genius Electrolyte is an ideal choice for you. It contains zinc, potassium, organic citric acid, magnesium, and other useful minerals that help to alleviate cramps and dehydration.

Additionally, this product contains L-Alanine and L-Glutamine, and that is why it comes with a relatively higher price. So if you are not looking for the extras available, then an alternative to Genius Electrolyte can be a better option. Genius Electrolyte uses stevia as its natural sweetener, which is ideal for individuals on a keto diet.

The Best Electrolyte Powder – In Summary

Generally, all these products are of high-quality, and that is why each one of them is on the list. However, when you put into consideration the most important minerals that individuals need when on a keto diet, then you will get the best electrolyte powder. The most important minerals that an excellent electrolyte powder should include sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

Additionally, the best electrolyte should use a natural sweetener like stevia. Basing on these key features, the best electrolytes include Pride Naturals, Hi-Lyte, and Key Nutrients. If you only need the best of the best, then Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder is a perfect choice since it averages everything.


Why Electrolytes are Essential During Keto?

Without electrolytes, your body is not going to do what you need it to do daily. Simple tasks will seem to be more difficult, and it will not feel at their best. This is because the intake of carbohydrates is low and, therefore, no energy. But since electrolytes create more energy, you will need them during keto for your body to perform optimally.

Do You Need a Mineral Supplement?

When on the keto diet, it is advisable to get minerals from whole food sources if possible. But you will need them if your body is not at its best. You will need magnesium, potassium, and sodium in order to keep your muscles and nerves working properly.

How Much Minerals Do You Need?

You need between 3000mg and 5000mg of sodium, 3000mg and 4000mg of potassium and 2000mg, and 4000mg magnesium on average.

How to Choose Electrolytes

Sodium, potassium, and magnesium are the primary minerals that your body needs during a keto diet. Additionally, the sweetener used is a key feature to look for. So when choosing an electrolyte, be sure that it has these three minerals and uses a natural sweetener like stevia.

How Do I Know if My Electrolytes Are Low?

The common symptoms of low electrolytes in the body include irregular heartbeat, fatigue, fast heart rate, muscle cramping, muscle weakness, headaches, numbness, and tangling. If you notice any of these symptoms when on a ketogenic diet, then chances are your electrolytes are low.

What Can I Drink to Replace Electrolytes on a Keto?

There are many things that can replace electrolytes. They include coconut water, fresh fruit juices, and milk.

Which Drink Has the Most Electrolytes?

Coconut water is the best since it has a high amount of sodium and potassium. However, it can be high in carbs for some individuals. Coconut water contains approximately 252g sodium, 600g potassium, 60mg magnesium, and 6g of net carbs per cup.

Can I Drink Electrolyte Water Every Day?

It is necessary to drink electrolyte water each time, especially when you are on a workout. This is because they have some benefits during prolonged exercise. They help prevent things like headaches and muscle weaknesses.

What Can I Drink Instead of Gatorade?

Coconut water is the best alternative to Gatorade. This is because it is natural and has the main minerals, including sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

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